PADI Open Water Certification

How does this course works ?
Knowledge Development Before starting the practical sessions, you’ll need to complete the knowledge development portion online through PADI eLearning. This flexible online course allows you to study at your own pace, anywhere and anytime that suits you. Once you’ve finished the eLearning section, you’re ready to dive into the practical training.

Day 1: Pool Session Your course begins with a pool session in our heated, in-store dive training pool. This session allows you to comfortably and safely learn and practice all the necessary skills, gradually building your confidence for the open water dives.

Days 1 & 2: Open Water Dives: On the first and second days, you’ll complete four ocean dives—two each day. These Open Water dives typically take place at Bare Island and Shelly Beach (Manly). During these dives, you’ll not only practice your skills but also encounter abundant marine life, making your training both educational and enjoyable.

Pricing starts from $549 (Express Checkout)
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